Shakaymuni Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony at Lingguang Buddhist Temple, Beijing, China...

Gautama Shakaymuni Buddha’s Birthday Ceremony in 2017 held on May 02, 2017 at Lingguang Buddhist Temple, Beijing, China in grand level & high respectfully. The Chinese Government officials & Ambassadors of Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos in China and distinguished guests also participated this merit valuable event.

The ceremony held under the leadership of The Chief Incumbent of Lingguang Buddhist Temple, Beijing, China, Most Venerable Chang Zang Thero and all head of monks (Chief Prelates) in all chapters in China. The function organized by Buddhist Association of China and Lingguang Buddhist Temple committee. Lot of Buddhist events held on the occasion. The Lingguang Buddhist Temple is most sacred with Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha’s holy Tooth Relic.

Prof. Hao Weimin, the Director of Longhua Institute for Chinese Culture and Mr. Buddhika Sanjeewa, The Founder, President & Chief Editor of Mettavalokanaya also participated as a delegate from Sri Lanka. China Government Officials and Chinese Buddhist Association President, Vice President & Mr. Wang Li also participated on this grand occasion as distinguished guests. Received the very big merit opportunity to all of delegates for worship Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha’s holy Tooth Relic at Lingguang Temple premises (Temple of Divine Light), Badachu Lu, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China.

Lingguang Temple (Temple of Divine Light), as one of the eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across the Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi hills at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills, houses a precious relic in its Buddha Tooth Relic Stupa (the only other recognized Buddha tooth relic in the world is in Sri Lanka). Hence, the temple has become one of centers for Buddhist pilgrimages in the world.

The 1,200-year-old  Buddhist Temple, Lingguang Temple, is situated in the famous Badachu (Eight Great Sites) at the foot of Beijing's Western Hills, features eight Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered across the slopes. Lingguang Temple has been praised as the most prominent among the eight, though it is not the largest. It was built between 766-779 AD during the Tang Dynasty.

Badachu Park is notable for its eight ancient temples, nunneries and a cave set amidst beautiful scenery on the southern slopes of the Western Hills. The eight ancient sites are Changan Temple (Temple of Eternal Peace), Dabei Temple (Temple of Great Mercy), Dragon Spring Nunnery, Xiangjie Temple (The Temple of the Fragrant World), Pearl Cave (The Cave of the Precious Pearl), Zhengguo Temple and Sanshan Nunnery. All the sites were built at the end of the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and were renovated during the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The Lingguang Temple, famous for housing the Buddha tooth relic, was built in the Tang Dynasty and is now opened to the public.

The octagonal Buddha Tooth Relic Stupa is up to 51 meters high and has thirteen layers. Its base was constructed with white marble, reaching 2.7 m above the ground. Within the hall of the temple is a seven-story structure, and the Buddha tooth relic is now preserved in a one-meter-high pure gold pagoda inside.

There are seven stories inside the stupa. The ground floor serving as a monument room is embedded with stone inscriptions and scriptures. A zigzagging stone stair from the monument room leads to the stupa hall, where the tooth relic is kept and a vajra seat and a painted screen are placed. The whole wall is made from marble, and the roof is affixed with golden dragons, solemn, serene and peaceful. The other six stories are used to preserve classic Buddhist scriptures from the Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Dai and other nationalities. Today, the Buddha Tooth Relic Stupa has become a symbol of Badachu. Whenever someone mentions Badachu Park, people think of the stupa.

Buddhika Sanjeewa
Founder, Chairman & Chief Editor
Mettavalokanaya Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka

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