Most Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma receives special appreciation award from Sri Lanka...

Most Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, the Vice President of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY), Executive Committee Member of All Nepal Bhikkhu Association, the President of Cultural Peace Walk committee, the Chief Abbot of Charumati Buddha Vihar & Founder and President of “Charumathi Buddhist Mission” Kathmandu, Nepal was awarded special appreciation award from Sri Lanka.

Sri Dhammarama Purana Temple committee was offered this special appreciation award to Most Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma by the Chief Abbot of Sri Dharmarama Purana Temple, Most Venerable Horagasagare Siri Suseema Thero at Koulwewa Sri Dharmarama Purana Temple premises, Koulwewa, Sri Lanka on May 18, 2017.

This special appreciation award offered to Most Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma for his 35 years great service to the Buddhasasana. Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma was taken good reputation from lot of countries in worldwide as an active and well vision Bhikkhu in Nepal and Internationally.

Most Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma is a one of students of Most Venerable Aggamaha Panditha Maha Mahopadya Kotugoda Dhammawasa Mahanayaka Thero, the Mahanayaka (Chief Prelate) of the Amarapura Chapter in Sri Lanka of Amarapura Maha Nikaya.

Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is well-known for his social and humanitarian activities as well as his active participation in the unity, welfare of community people and conservation of Buddhist heritages besides his active participation in various international Buddhist organizations what work for Buddhist unity and solidarity for world peace, harmony and development of humanity.

Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma was born in 1970 in Balambu village of Kathmandu. He entered monkhood at the age of 13 in Pranidhipurna Mahavihara, Balambu.  There he studied under the guidance of Most Ven.Pragyananda Maha Thero, the first Sanghanayaka of Nepal, and Most Ven.Bhikkhu Phra Sri Vanno Thero from Thailand.

After one year training in Nepal, he went to Sri Lanka in 1984 where he studied under the guidance of Most Ven. Kotugoda Dhammavasa Maha Thero. He studied in one of the greatest Buddhist education center named Parama Dhamma Cetiya (Buddhist College) at Ratmalana, Colombo for 10 years. After the completion of Piriwena (college), Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma joined Buddhist and Pali University and achieved B.A. degree in Buddhist Philosophy. After this, he returned Nepal and started living near the Historical Charumati Stupa at Chabahil, Kathmandu. He received ordination (Upasampada) in Nepal in 1993. Since then, he has spent his life for the service to humanity and Buddhism.

Bhikkhu Tapassi Damma is a young Nepalese monk remarkable equally for his Buddhist activities and social welfare activities. He conducts Buddha Pujas, dhamma teachings, Buddhist celebrations, participates in various conferences and programs of discussing and practicing Buddhism in national and international areas and so forth. He is inspired by the Buddha's teaching of 'Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya' i.e. work for the betterment and happiness of more and more people. With the guidance and support from his most venerable teachers, Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma has been following this meritorious Buddhist way of life. Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma has dedicated himself actively to carry out this 'dhammaduta' [messenger of dharma] task in the society. His strong dedication towards Buddhism and his wishes to help community people in improving their lives led him visualize the establishment of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal [CBM-Nepal]

Because of his humanitarian activities he has been awarded in national as well as in international level. Everest Foundation Award 2003, National Golden Peace Award 2008 at national level and Great Dhamma Putta Award by president of Shree Lanka in 2006 are some to be named. Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is member of many associations such as member of All Nepal Bhikkhu Association, Patron of Worldwide Service Center (Nepal, chief editor of Charumati Voice Magazine, Vice president of World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY), and president of WBSY-Nepal Chapter and is associated with some international organizations.

International Relation:
Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma has developed very good fraternal relations and friendships with the Buddhist teachers, monasteries and devotees of various countries of the World such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, America, Switzerland etc and also with various Buddhist institutions. He participates in the Buddhist fraternity and conferences such as World Vesak Day, World Buddhist Sangha Young Conferences, and World Buddhist Forum happening in these countries regularly as a representative from Nepal which provides him the opportunity to develop corresponding relations with them. Participation in such fraternity contributes in the unity, harmony and development of Buddhism around the world through shared ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is member of many national and international associations such as:
National Associations
* All Nepal Bhikkhu Association- Member
* Worldwide Social Service- Patron and Advisor
* Worldwide Inter Religious peace Organization- President
* Dolakha Boudha Stupa Conservation Committee- Advisor and Patron
* Charumati Stupa Conservation Committee- Patron
International Associations:
* World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY) – Vice-President
* World Buddhist Sangha Youth- President, Nepal Chapter
* Stupa Onlus Association (Italy)- Member
* International Buddhist Federation- Member
* Sakya Beneficence International Association (Taiwan)- Member
* World Buddhist Forum (Korea) – Member
Participations as a representative of Charumati Buddha Vihara and CBM-Nepal:
* World Buddhist Sangha Youth, First Executive Board meeting, Bangkok, Thailand-2004. (The meeting selected Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma as an Executive Board Member.)
* Sakya Beneficence International Association- Taiwan; Executive Board Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2005. (The meeting selected Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma as an Executive Board Member.)
* Celebration of the United Nations Day of Vesak and the 60th Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne-2006, General Conference, Thailand-2006
* First World Buddhist Sangha Youth Exchange Program, Bangkok, Thailand-2004
* World Buddhist Sangha Youth, (WBSY) First General Conference, Budh Gaya, India-2004
* WBSY, Second General Conference, Malakka, Malaysia-2005
* WBSY, Third General Conference, Tholangamuwa & Madatugama, Sri Lanka-2004
* WBSY, Fourth General Conference, Nondaburi & Patuntani, Thailand-2007
* WBSY, Sixth General Conference, Yamagata, Japan-2009. The meeting selected Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma as vicr-president.)
* UN Day of Vesak 2008, Vietnam.
* 1st International Meeting of "Stupa Builders" Pomaia S. Luce, Pisa, Italy-2008.
* Workshop & Developing International Young Leader's Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-2007.
* Second World Buddhist Summit, Nepal-2004

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