Placing of Sacred Relics in “Los Angelis Dhamma Wijaya Pagoda”, USA...

Enshrinement of the sacred relics in the curved dome of the Stupa at “Los Angelis Dhamma Wijaya Pagoda”, in USA on recently under the patronage of Most Venerable Aggamaha Pandita Dr. Walpola Piyananda Thero, the Chief Sanganayaka Thero of USA and President of USA & Canada Sanga Council.

The sacred relics were placed in a special relic’s chamber built in the inner sanctum of the Pagoda. The sacred relics keeping with time held traditions, under the careful supervision of the Maha Sangha. Relics will be deposited on a lotus flower made out of precious stone inside a solid gold replica of the Stupa which is embedded with precious gems.

Took the responsibility of transporting most sacred relics to USA, by Venerable Professor Kotapitiye Rahula, the General Secretary and the Anunayaka (Deputy Prelate) of the Supreme Sangha Council of the Kotte Chapter of the Siam Maha Nikaya in Sri Lanka, President of the Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace (SLCRP), the Director, Postgraduate Institute of Pali and Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya and the Chief Incumbent of Bodhi Raja Maha Vihara at Thalpitiya, Wadduwa in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Sumedha Elpitiya, the Chairman of the leading manufacturers, distributors & exporters of incense sticks and incenses products in Sri Lanka, Thai Sumedha Enterprises also involved the responsibility of transporting above most sacred relics to USA.

In equally the merit event, held the opening ceremony of the newly constructed pagoda and unveiling at the Los Angelis Dhamma Wijaya Temple premises on the auspicious time with chanting by venerable Maha Sanga. This was the one moment for explore the Sri Lankan tradition all over the world with international symbol of Peace.

Maha Sangha presided by the Anu Nayaka Thero and other Buddhist Monks are among those participated for this grand opening ceremony at the Temple premises. Distinguish Guests and massive crowd of devotees also were present at the occasion.

Buddhika Sanjeewa
Founder, Chairman & Chief Editor
Mettavalokanaya Buddhist Publications Centre in Sri Lanka

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