June 28 - July 02, 2014

Sri Lanka has donated a Holy Bo Sapling to the Wat Pailom Temple in Ayuttaya of Royal Thailand on June 28 - July 02, 2014 as a symbol of friendship between two countries accordingly.

The pictures show the historical event of the planting sacred Bo Sapling by Mr. Buddhika Sanjeewa - the Coordinating Officer to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka, Most Venerable Phra Sunthorndhammanuwat Thero. The Abbot of Wat Pailom Temple & Mr. Panya Satorng, the Governor of Ayutthaya in Thailand were participated in the grand Buddhist ceremony.

The Sri Lankan official delegation also visited “Wat Arun” Temple, a historical temple which belongs to the Royal Family of Kingdom of Thailand, Historically site seen in Ayuttaya & Bangkok on during this visit in Thailand.

Mr. Buddhika Sanjeewa awarded the special honourable certificate for offer his great service to the Thailand Buddhism. The award presented from “Wat Arun” Temple, a historical temple which belongs to the Royal Family of Kingdom of Thailand.

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