November 09, 2012

Handed over the robes and Ata Pirikara to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Madam Sheikh Hasina at her Official Residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh on November 09, 2012. They were for collected from various temples in Sri Lanka to be distributed among monks in temples Ramu area Chittagong, Bangladesh that faced an extremist attack recently.

Bangladesh Chief Sanganayaka Ven.Suddhananda Thero, Bangladesh Industrial Minister Mr. Dilip Baruva, The Presidential Coordinating officer to His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka Mr. Buddhika Sanjeewa, A member of Sri Lankan Association of Bangladesh Mr. Chinthaka Dikkumbura and The Presidential Coordinating Secretary on Religious Affairs Ven. Watinapaha Somananda Thero are also seen in the pictures.

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